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Connecting a global audience 

Stichting Nederlands Onderwijs in het Buitenland (NOB) is the ambassador for the (young) Dutch-speaking global citizen. They have a pivotal role between more than 200 schools, spread over 120+ countries, that provide Dutch education to children living abroad. Their main goal: connect teachers, knowledge and experiences, and maintain the quality and availability of Dutch education worldwide. 

After a successful collaboration, creating their new community platform GLOBUS, and leading up to their 40th birthday NOB decided it was time to refresh their identity. We developed a visual identity and design system that better reflects NOB and its global community, making sure the foundation can maintain its leadership in the upcoming years.

A brushstroke as window to the world

From Sofia to Singapore and from Santiago to Shanghai, Dutch teachers are active all over the world. Together they form a divers global community: even though they share a job and a language, they have completely different backgrounds, experiences and (cultural) settings. This diversity is reflected in handwritten brand elements like the ‘O’ in the logo and the ‘krul’ symbol. The variety of brushstrokes emphasizes the uniqueness of every teacher. NOB is the place where they all unite and connect. 

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