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Tech at the speed of ideas

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How to position the best-kept secret of the Fortune 500 companies?

Name one of the apps you’re using daily and chances are high tech consultancy Clevertech had something to do with it. Without spilling the beans, Clevertech now has a story to tell of its own. 

The brief

  • Validate the referral and keep in mind we can’t share any client information.
  • Create a story-driven identity and fitting tone of voice, based on qualitative research.
  • Build a design system of UX/UI elements that the Clevertech-team can bring to life.

Brand strategy - User Research - Brand Storytelling - Brand Identity - UX/UI Design - Copywriting - Motion - Webdevelopment by Clevertech

Turn technology into your advantage

Clevertech has been the driving force of technical innovation of industries ranging from agriculture to logistics to Wall Street. Clevertech sees software solutions as a means of creating real-life impact not as an end-station of its own. Whether that’s disrupting an industry, strengthening the key product or scaling up fast.

Clevertech believes that real-life impact starts by using the right tools. Great software solutions will help you reach your goals faster.

Working under strict NDA, Clevertech is not able to share what they’ve done or the results their clients achieved. To get to know the company, we thoroughly researched Clevertechs’ brand image, by conducting qualitative interviews with both clients and members of the Clevertech team. What came to light is that the real-life impact combined with the speed and quality of work is a game-changer to choose for Clevertech over one of the Big Five consultancy firms.

Validating the referral


Most people take the introduction to Clevertech as a courtesy to their peers. The website has only one aim: to validate the referral. If the Clevertech appearance does not match the leads’ expectations, both Clevertech as their peers come off in a bad light.

We shifted focus from cases to real-life impact using the photography of Lars van de Brink and illustrations by Alec Tear. The photography depicts edited registrations of a broad spectrum of industries. By either zooming in or out, bigger networks of people are revealed, invisibly tied together by the use of Clevertechs software solutions. Illustrations are used to make abstract subjects or methods tangible.

We took a special interest in media coverage over just displaying client-logos. Being a unique company, Clevertech gained a lot of coverage from media outlets such as the New York Times, Washington Post and The Guardian. Those outlets add to the credibility of the company just as cases would.

Tech at the speed of ideas

Every great entrepreneur has an unlimited strain of thoughts and ideas that Clevertech brings to life. The concept behind the Clevertech brand system finds its origin in blending the beauty of human thought with the power of logic and technology. Tech at the speed of ideas, with one tiny particle leading the visual way: the neuron.

On their own, neurons spark energy or set something in motion, combined they form thoughts, flowing in abstract compositions. The shapes in which they are formed visualize concrete ideas and explain complicated matter. In the same way as neurons are spread across the brain, the clevertech team is distributed across the globe. Together they collaborate as one unique brain: the cortex.

Ready for the future

All levels combined create a shape language that can go from bold to refined depending on what’s needed to visualize a message. This visual concept lays the foundation for a flexible brand system. The developers of Clevertech translated our system into reality. From merchandise to UX-system, Clevertech is ready to stay at the forefront of technology.

Rindor Golverdingen

Co-founder - Creative Director

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