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Can you see my screen? You’re on mute. I like your background.

These phrases were funny or even frustrating at first, but now they bring comfort, a human touch, and the nostalgia of simpler times to our digital environments. From endless Miro boards to virtual design extravaganzas, who knew we would (or could) move our entire daily routines online?

Together we’ve redesigned our daily routines, redefined the way we interact, and reinvented the way we tell stories. We have seen and built some awesome new experiences in 2020: we turned the Red Light District green, created a new identity for startup studio Builders, contributed to the future of fashion launching Design Studio, turned Dutch Design Week into a 100% virtual extravaganza, helped NOB connect to a global audience of teachers, consulted Netwerk Filmeducatie on their brand strategy and… we ended the year with a rebranding of high tech consultancy Clevertech - the best kept secret of Fortune 500 companies. 

Taking home 3 European Design Awards for the rebranding of Miro and the brand identity for TAQA Theater de Vest/Grote Kerk Alkmaar - which also got awarded with a Red Dot Award - we can’t be anything but positive and excited about what’s to come.  

One thing is for sure: 2021 will be different too*. Let's make it a good one!

*We have big news to reveal this year. Stay tuned for more! 


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