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The birthplace of stars 

All good ideas start with a spark. That’s why the star-like symbol (named ‘Nebula’ after the birthplace of stars) forms the starting point for the new identity of Builders. The Rotterdam based startup studio helps build companies from scratch. Just like the Spark it’s the place where new beginnings are created and bold ideas come together. The Spark transforms with Builders’ 5 steps for future growth: from ideation where internal sparks are created, to validation, creation, acceleration and finally scale up, where the spark is almost bursting out of his frame.  

Ready for growth 

Reflecting the creative powers of nature the animations show how loose particles come together and create powerful new patterns. The spark leaves space to create dynamic grids that can be both minimal and expressive. The symbol is endlessly scalable and helps illustrate, inform and share brand stories. Now and in the future. 

See the bigger whole 

The Spark also plays an important part in the word mark and icons. The mix of rounded and sharp corners forms a style that’s modern, digital and recognizable. Campaign copy comes in a bold typography that creates contrast and amplifies the grand ambitions of Builders. A bigger message hides in the details of the icons: by visualizing the individual and showing character traits we stay away from the anonymous. A reminder to keep your eyes on the bigger picture. 


Vruchtvlees is now

Designers, developers and strategists who transform good brands into great ones. We create living brands: flexible, scalable platforms that empower companies to become the best version of themselves: ones that people love and drive growth.

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