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Don’t just look for an answer, but critically examine the question. That’s been our vision since we started in 2008. Brutally honest, but with the utmost respect.

We explore the worlds in which our clients operate and work together to shape their personal story. We translate this into a style guide, a strategy and campaigns. We create crystal clear websites that capture your imagination, and that communicate at every level. Because not only do you want your audience to take action, you want them to embrace your brand; from conversion to devotion, from love at first sight to happily ever after. Don’t yell, but be outspoken. That’s our challenge, each and every day.

We’re not loud, we’re outspoken

We live in an attention economy. Bombarded by information, brands scream at the top of their lungs for a moment of interaction. So what should we do? Yell even louder? We’re a different kind of agency. We believe that you have to outshine your competition to reach the masses.

We study the point of the question

The biggest pitfall is trying to answer a particular question that stems from some vague idea. That’s why we question whether your question is the one you should actually be asking. We jump into the deep end together, surfacing with an answer that suits you best. It’s the only way to ensure a design and strategy that’s a perfect fit.

We believe in cross-pollination

We have or bring all of the necessary skills in-house, and build a team that’s flexible and creative, from strategy to art direction and project management, interaction and graphic design to front- and back-end development. We value everyone’s ideas; that’s how we continue to challenge each other to make sure we bring out the best in each of us.

We create crystal clear websites that capture your imagination

You want to convert your audiences as quickly as possible, and you want them to cherish your brand. We build layered online strategies with inventive websites. User friendly is the magic word, from love at first sight to happily ever after.

Concept first, then design

A well thought-out concept functions as a strong foundation, now and in the future. The design is derived from the concept and not the other way around. Because we believe the concept is an essential foundation; if it’s weak, your brand will collapse sooner or later.

We take ourselves seriously and dream big

Free spirits with tangible goals. Even those in the soft sector benefit from hard targets. We believe in our strategy and want to show you that it’s actually possible. That’s why we always set goals that you might not dare to say out loud. By setting them, we show you that we believe in you. And by actually realising them, you know that you can take us seriously.

Vruchtvlees, nice to meet you!

Roman Stikkelorum

Co-founder - Managing Director

Michael Danker

Co-founder - Digital Director

Rindor Golverdingen

Co-founder - Creative Director

Sander Hidding

Lead development

Justine de Bruijn

Sr. projectmanager

Walewijn den Boer

Senior designer

Lisanne Simon


Yira Rodriguez Garcia


Lotte Bloem


Niek Kessels

Senior designer

Roland Cos


Mo Agca

User experience designer

Lumir Spanihel

Design trainee

Giovanni Marchese

Back-end developer

Ted Godyla

Full-stack developer

Stefan Grevelink


Daniëlle de Hoog

Administratief medewerker

Mark de Greeff, marketing & innovation manager at Dutch Design Foundation

"We have talked to multiple renowned agencies. We are looking for a real partnership; experts that cocreate and are just as ambitious as we are to grow. Vruchtvlees has proven to be able to do this. They are both strategically and pragmatically strong. Vruchtvlees is well-known for their Dutch Digital Design, and have just been awarded the title European Design Agency of the Year. For us, those are the characteristics we were looking for in a long-term partner."

Irma Benliyan, former project manager at Literatuurmuseum

"I really felt part of the team. Not just as a client, but also as a product owner. I guarded the concept which Vruchtvlees translated into actual creations. They are definitely good designers, but there are mote designers out there. What truly sets them apart is that they are good listeners and keep asking questions until they get to the bottom of things. They always get to the core of the question. Therefore, we were able to create such a pertinent and visually beautiful platform as"

Nicole Sanberg, former head of marketing Theater Rotterdam

"The European Design Awards and Red Dot Design Award are a real crown on our inspirational and intensive collaboration. Vruchtvlees gave us exactly the right visual feeling that we were looking for. You either like it, or you don't, it provokes emotions. And that's exactly what Theater Rotterdam stands for. No middle-of-the-road-show. It is fantastic that this is the way the new brand identity is perceived and acknowledged."

Niels Lindenhovius, Head of Communications Fonds 21

“Vruchtvlees is a great partner. I like to strategise with them about future optimisations. They have a positive yet critical approach, which is great. They don’t just say yes to everything but reason from the functionalities without losing sight of the aesthetics.”

Our Dutch Digital Design consists of:

Front-end Development

Back-end Development

Content marketing

Technical direction


Brand strategy

Online strategy

Content strategy

Art direction

Visual Design

Brand identity





Digital Design



Our digital stack 

Our development team works with some of the following tools and applications.


2019 iF World Design Guide iF Design Award Dutch Design Week
2018 Red Dot Red Dot Communication Award Theater Rotterdam
European Design Award Best Design Agency of the Year Vruchtvlees
European Design Award Gold Theater Rotterdam
European Design Award Silver HvanA
European Design Award Bronze Theater Rotterdam
2017 European Design Award Silver De Munt | La Monnaie
2016 European Design Award Gold Literatuurmuseum
European Design Award Gold Voordekunst
European Design Award Silver Das Mag Uitgevers
European Design Award Silver De Munt | La Monnaie
European Design Award Silver Literatuurmuseum
European Design Award Bronze Das Mag Uitgevers
2015 Red Dot Red Dot Communication Design Award Das Magazin
2014 European Design Award Silver Das Magazin
International Design Award Gold Gispen
2012 Dutch Design Awards Nominee Das Magazin

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