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Dutch Design Week is one of the most influential design festivals in the world, according to the New York Times. This year, Dutch Design Foundation - the organisation behind Dutch Design Week - challenged themselves to improve their digital presence and customer journey in a brand new content platform and online strategy.


Dutch Design Week is on a mission to become part of the major league of design and innovation festivals. Both online and offline. The coming years, we are DDWs digital innovation partner , focused on improving the digital customer experience and online presence.

How do we build the most innovative festival website in the world, without losing sight of its users?

Dutch Design Foundation challenged us with the following targets:

  • Enable an end-to-end solution using Salesforce and Eventbrite
  • Excel on design and user experience
  • Convert and inspire visitors via top-notch content and clear call-to-actions to tickets and services.  
  • Realisation of the minimal viable product within 12 weeks, going live on September 1, 2018.

How we work

The KPI’s could only be realised through the SCRUM-method. In an extensive back-log session, we mapped out all the wishes and functionalities and translated them into clear tasks planned within different design and development sprints. This method enabled us to work lean and agile and take fast decisions in close collaboration with the Dutch Design Foundation. This helped us set up the process as efficiently as possible.

Take a minute, take a moment

We realised that Dutch Design Week is not only relevant during the festival itself, but throughout the whole year. That is what we call Design Time. This concept functions as the base of all online communication and the technological framework. The ideas and tasks that have been established during the backlog session enabled the design and development to work simultaneously on the development of the website.

The concept of Design Time finds its way in different forms. The homepage has different focus points during the year, it shifts from program to community and from conversion to content. We turned the DDW logo into an atomic clock that ticks in the background. The logo elements revolve around an axis of a week, day, hour, minute or second. Every last week of the month, they come together and form the proper logo. The clock can also be found in the animations and visuals we made for the digital ticket campaign.

As personal as possible

We built an algorithm that shows the program in a dynamic way. The editorial staff can prioritise different items, but also the way the visitors interact with the website influences the hierarchy of the content. We optimised loading time, mobile use and performance on peak moments during the festival.

Thanks to a magic link, visitors of Dutch Design Week can create their own routs. The seamless integration with Salesforce on all touchpoints of the customer journey reduces noise and serves the most effective end-to-end communication. By doing so, we help the visitors of Dutch Design Week on their way as smooth as possible.

"We were looking fo a real partnership: experts that feed us with new ideas to find the right solutions, and also want to grow in our ambitions."

Mark de Greeff, Chief Marketing Officer Dutch Design Week

Let’s build the most innovative festival website of the world

The coming years, we will further develop the website of Dutch Design Week. This starts with great ambitions. The first results are very promising: the combination of the new website, revised ticket strategy and online campaign resulted into an increase in ticket sales and revenue that is twice as high as the year before.

We see a lot of chances to enhance the image of Dutch Design Week as a prominent player in the field of innovation and design. We’d like to explore the functionalities of the algorithm to work on more personalized content in the future. We look forward to get insights from the users and data. With those insights, we can continue our journey to create the most innovative festival website of the world.

50% increase in online ticket sales

60% increase in online revenue

03:37 time-on-site

30% bounce ratio

Roman Stikkelorum

Co-founder - Managing Director

Roman would love to tell you more about this project

070 - 785 17 34

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