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Miro, for modern-day pioneers

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Miro, for modern-day pioneers

Miro is a visual collaboration tool used by 2 million users across the world. The worlds most innovative teams like Netflix, Twitter, Skyscanner, Cisco use Miro to create the next big ideas. Vruchtvlees has designed the new brand identity and strategic guidelines for Miro, formerly known as RealtimeBoard, that brings a human touch to the SaaS-tool. The visual language captures the joy of mutual understanding and focuses on bringing teams together, whether they are in the same room or on the other side of the world.

Vruchtvlees collaborated closely with the creative team of Miro based in San Francisco, Perm, and Amsterdam, using the Miro platform. Following the SCRUM method, the identity was developed within different creation sprints. Working together remotely on Miro enabled us to act fast. In the creation sprints, we explored different directions of the identity to create and capture Miro’s brand story. The result is a bright and vibrant new brand that is challenging and supportive in all its touchpoints.

"The collaborative approach and prior work by Vruchtvlees gave us confidence that we could achieve great results. We are thrilled with the outcome and felt we developed a true partnership with the team."

Barbra Gago, Chief Marketing Officer Miro

Grounded in extensive research

Rebranding an already loved and daily used platform like Miro doesn’t work without the input of its trailblazing users. We did extensive user research on online user behavior on the platform itself and questioned stakeholders and power users across the world to capture the building blocks and essential elements of the brand.

Power users described Miro as a solution for collaborating in a distributed, digital way with teams across the world. Also, they loved the supportive character of the Miro team. We took these characteristics and put them at the core of the new brand story of Miro. Besides being supportive, Miro also challenges its users to get on the same page by using the same professional language. In different strategic sessions, we transformed all insights into a clear strategic brand story that lays the foundation of the new brand platform and identity.

Storytelling by design

The characters on their own are cheerful and dynamic. They can be used to tell a story, convey feelings or amplify meaning. The characters can also be used as vibrant patterns to easily brand billboards, posters or landing pages. Combined with illustrations, the characters are more to the background allowing the content to take center stage.

Challenging and supportive

An online tool asks for readable and functional typefaces that work well on different systems, resolutions, and devices. We found a perfect match in the typeface 'Spoof' for illustrations and headers with loads of personality. For more practical use, the 'Formular' font comes into play. Long-reads and blog posts are set in the elegant 'Tiempos' typeface.

Building the best user experience

User behavior research laid the foundation for the UX/UI elements. The Miro UI is elegant, simple and to the point. UI elements use smoothed corners and stark, clear typography that doesn’t distract from functionality. We differentiated user actions into subtle design and interactive elements, to make sure the user path is clear, every step on the way.

Components were defined in a modular file structure to keep design and code consistent and easy to (re)use throughout the entire website. As a result, the user experience is steady across every touchpoint.  

Working from four places at once

The whole design process took place on Miro. We built boards and discussed campaign designs while being in direct contact with San Francisco, Perm and Amsterdam. Working remotely and in design sprints helped us to overcome the physical boundaries and act fast. Now Miro has been officially released at SXSW, we will stay involved in the further development of the brand, collaborating closely with the in-house design team of Miro.

Roman Stikkelorum

Co-founder - Managing Director

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