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De Munt | La Monnaie, the Royal Theatre of Belgium, always packs a full house, though usually a slightly older crowd. De Munt | La Monnaie asked us to create a new brand identity, website and strategy to attract younger visitors while maintaining their current clientele.


The majority of De Munt’s means of communication were, until recently, in print. We substituted a large portion of their printed material for a strong digital presence including social media. We created a new style guide plus a refreshed communications strategy that’s more to the point and jargon-free. We revamped the logo by fusing the two names of the theatre (De Munt in Flemish and and La Monnaie in Walloon) to create a new form, the double M. The new website is both provocative but easy to navigate. It keeps conversion in mind while respecting the historical style.

“I saw what they were doing with Das Magazine; if they can make a non-21st-century thing like literature into something current and interesting, I was sure they could with opera too.”

Krystian Lada, Creative Director La Monnaie / de Munt


Online ticket sales increased across all age categories, including the younger generation. The staff and existing clientele appeared not to be distracted by the new communications. We built the foundation of a strong relationship with Brussels, and even helped to set up a new design department at De Munt, which proved to be a great success. Not only has De Munt paved the way in the traditional sense, they have now conquered the previously unexplored world of digital communication.

“The result is a refreshed variation on the existing visual identity, one that respects the history and traditions of De Munt. We’re very pleased with it!”

- Krystian Lada, Creative Director La Monnaie / de Munt

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Co-founder - Creative Director

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